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  1. How do I manually add requesters?

    You can manually add requesters in one of two ways, by CSV import or via requester forms on the client page.

    To import requesters via CSV, navigate to the Clients Page, then select "Requesters." From there, click “CSV import”.

  2. What are side conversations in SuperOps.ai?

    You can collaborate with external stakeholders or vendors from SuperOps.ai using Side conversations. Check out this guide to learn more about how Side conversations work in SuperOps.ai

  3. How do I merge two tickets?

    To merge two tickets, go to "Modules”, then select "Tickets". Under "All tickets”, choose the tickets you wish to merge. Finally, click on the "Merge" button to complete the process.

  4. How do I set up multiple mailboxes?

    Check out the following guide to learn how you can set up multiple mailboxes:

  5. How do I set up a CNAME in SuperOps.ai?

    Check out the solution guide to learn how you can set up CNAME

    in SuperOps.ai

  6. How do I add and edit email signatures?

    You can set up two different kinds of signatures in SuperOps.ai. A profile signature and an MSP signature. The profile signature will be reflected when a technician sends out replies, and the MSP signature will be reflected in email notifications.

    To set up email signatures, go to Settings and click on My Profile. Under "Email Signatures”, you’ll be able to add new email signatures or edit them.

  7. How do I import clients or requesters using CSV?

    Check out the following guide to learn how you can import clients or requesters using CSV CSV import.

  8. How do I set up SSO?

    SSO is a great choice for your business. It ensures that your logins are secure and effortless. Here’s how you can set it up: Setting up SSO with Azure AD

  9. How do I look up scheduled tickets?

    To view scheduled tickets, go to Modules > Tickets and click on the “+ icon” near ticket views. Fill in the details, add the condition “Source is Scheduled,” and hit Save.

    For more details, check out the following solution guide: Ticket Scheduler

  10. How do I map invoices, clients, sites, etc. in QuickBooks or Xero with SuperOps.ai?

    Please check out the following solution guides for detailed instructions on mapping:

  11. How do I notify all or a few techs (other than the tech the ticket is assigned to) when a ticket gets logged?

    Go to Settings > Email notifications >Ticket Notifications >New Ticket Created > Edit Template > Choose technician groups/technicians under Recipient Info

  12. Do you charge based on the number of clients I manage?

    No, we charge based on the number of technicians, and each technician can manage up to 150 endpoints. You can also buy additional endpoint packs. For more details, you can check out our pricing page: https://superops.ai/pricing

  13. Is there a way for clients to raise tickets other than through the portal, live chat, or website integration?

    Yes. Clients can raise tickets through the system tray icon on their systems.

  14. Can I customize the dropdown options for ticket status?

    Yes. Go to Settings > Manage Fields (under Advanced Configuration) > Manage Fields > Click ‘Status’ under the ticket default fields.

  15. How do I auto-assign technicians to tickets?

    Settings > Automation > Event Trigger > Create > Assign technician or technician group > Set ticket conditions to start auto-assigning. Alternatively, you can go to Settings > Technician Groups under Roles and Groups > Edit or Create > Choose the assignment method under Technician auto-assignment.

    Check out the video in this article to learn more.

  16. Can I use my own email server instead of the SuperOps.ai server?

    Yes, you can. Settings > My MSP > Domain and Email > Add new mailbox > Use your own mail server.

    For more information on how to connect your mail server, please read this article

  17. Is there a way to change the billing email address of a client?

    In general, invoices would be sent to the “primary contact” email address of your client. You can change this by selecting Modules > Clients and choosing the respective client.

  18. How do I set up a recurring task that needs to pop up only for certain ideas?

    You can set up a recurring ticket to be created for a specific client on certain days. Go to Settings > Ticket Scheduler > Create a Schedule.

  19. Can we get our customers to sign SLA agreements on the platform?

    Not at the moment. We currently only manage subscriptions and invoices for clients.

  20. How do I export a list of assets for a given client?

    You can create a data report and export it as a CSV file. Go to Reports > Custom > Data Reports.

  21. Is it possible in SuperOps.ai to restrict certain technicians from seeing only certain client?

    Yes, it is possible through Custom Roles and permissions. To set it up, You can create a new role with access only for one client and have that assigned to a technician. Click on the solution doc to learn more.

  22. How to export clients and requesters?

    You can export clients and requesters as a CSV file. The file is sent as a data report to your email ID.

    1. To export clients- Go to Reports > Custom Data Reports > Select Clients > Export CSV

    2. To export requesters- Go to Reports > Custom Data Reports > Select Requesters from the drop down > Export CSV

    You can also edit and customize the display columns to export reports with the preferred fields.

  23. How do I record a cash payment on an invoice inside SuperOps.ai with a reference number?

    Go to Invoice > Overdue/Unpaid Invoice > Mark as Paid > Payment Method. You can change the method of Payment to Cash and enter the reference number.

  24. How can I set up a signature for side conversations?

    You can set up signatures in Settings > My MSP > MSP information > MSP signature. This will be the signature used for side conversations too.

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