How to defer patch deployment

See how you can delay the deployment of specific categories of patches

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In, the approval statuses of the patches include:

  • Approve, which automatically approves and executes patches

  • Manual, which executes patches after manual approval

  • Reject, which does not deploy the patch

  • Defer, which delays the deployment of a patch for a period of time

If you have a new set of patches that you'd like to test for stability and performance, you can defer these patches before you're confident about deploying them on your client's assets at scale.

Here's how:

  1. Go to Settings > Policy Management and select a policy set.

  2. Under the patch management section, you'll see approval configurations for different types of patches. Based on the patch category and severity, you can choose how to proceed with the patch deployment. You'll see an option to defer in the drop-down list of actions.

3. Below approval configurations, you can also define how long you want this deferment period to be. For example, if you define the deferment period as 7 days, all the patch categories you've chosen to defer will be held for 7 days before they are deployed on the assets that belong to this policy.

4. Click save once you're done to finalize the patch deferment configurations and they'll kick in right away.

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