Manage Email Notifications
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You can manage all the email notifications sent out to requesters & technicians from the email notifications page. Navigate to Settings -> My MSP -> Email Notifications to access this page has 3 kinds of notifications

  1. System Notifications - for all access and security notifications

  2. Ticket Notifications - for all ticket action and communication notifications

  3. Client Notifications - for all client communication notifications

๐Ÿ“ Note: System notifications for Technicians cannot be turned off

All of these notifications can be edited by clicking on the Edit icon. The "Active" or "Inactive" indicates if a notification will be sent out to technician/requester

๐Ÿ“ Note: You can personalise all email notifications by including placeholder variables which will replace the variable with real time values when the email is being sent out

Eg. If John Doe raised a ticket, wherever "#First Name" is used, it will be resolved to "John"

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