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Streamline, organize, and simplify all sales-related conversations with the sales inbox to close deals faster and delight your clients.

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Sales conversations are the cornerstone of growing your business. Its importance goes without saying—how efficiently you manage and organize these conversations is crucial in closing more deals and growing revenue.’s sales inbox makes life a whole lot easier in this regard by giving you an intuitive space to manage your business emails.

By unifying all business-related conversations, the sales inbox becomes a hub for your MSP to scope requirements, discuss the finer details, send invoices, share business reports, and much more.

What is the sales inbox?

The sales inbox is a dedicated space in, that’s built with the purpose of streamlining client management. The inbox makes the process of tracking, organizing, and prioritizing conversations with clients much easier, helping you delight clients and close more deals.

Now that you’re up to speed on what the sales inbox does, let’s jump into where you can find it and what it does.

To open the sales inbox, click the modules icon on the pane to the left, and click sales inbox under the client management section.

Inside the sales inbox, you’ll see all your sales-related conversations with added context, neatly listed and ready to respond.

You have a variety of views at your disposal, to filter out conversations based on your requirement. Here’s a list of available views and what they do:

  • New conversations: This view displays all new incoming queries from clients and prospects that are unread and need to be responded to.

  • All conversations: This view simply displays all the conversations in your sales inbox. Pretty straightforward stuff.

  • Client conversations: This view displays all your conversations with existing clients of your MSP.

  • Prospect conversations: This view displays all of the conversations with prospects who aren’t yet clients of your business (yet!)

  • Sent emails: This view displays all of the outgoing responses that have been sent by your team to clients and prospects, along with system-generated emails such as invoice sent, report shared, etc.

  • Unknown emails: This view displays all of the emails that you receive, where the client or prospect information is unknown. Your team can quickly sort through the emails in this view, identify important emails and can move it under a certain client/create a new client for this request.

By clicking on a specific item, you can quickly jump into the conversation, discuss finer details, and close the deal.

Technicians can get notified through email notifications when they get a reply, so they can quickly respond to prospects without skipping a beat.

History of conversations for each client is just a couple of clicks away for technicians—all they have to do is open up a client, and switch to the conversations tab to see a list of all their business conversations.

Want to see more features like these? Add them to our product roadmap and we’ll check them out!

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