Configuring and managing your SLAs
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Good service is what keeps customers coming back. The key to good experience is how quickly you can get back to your customer.

With you can define how quickly your technicians get back on customer issues. Not just that, you can also define when the SLA timer should start, pause, or stop.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Service Level Agreements > SLA Configurations.

  2. Choose if SLA calculation should occur based on your business hours or the client business hours.

    • If you choose your business hours, you can define them Settings>>MSP Information>>MSP Business Hours.

    • If you choose your clients' business hours, you would have to define this either while creating a client in or edit an existing client and specify this for each site.

  3. Define when the SLA timer should start or stop under "First response".

    • You can start the timer at the time of ticket creation or when a custom status is set.

    • You can stop the timer at the first manual or automated reply.

📝 Note:

Sometimes the ‘First response’ is calculated either based on a manual reply by a technician or an automated email being sent to the customer.

4. You can define ‘Resolution timer’ with similar conditions based on your MSP’s or client’s preference.

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