Domain and Email Settings

This section lets you configure how your sales and support emails are sent.

Setting up your subdomain:

  1. Navigate to Settings > My MSP > Domain and Email Settings and update your domain here. You can change your domain once after sign up from this page.

Setting up your support and sales emails

Emails sent to the support mailbox will automatically be converted to tickets.

  • Incoming email settings: The email ID to which clients send their queries. Your clients will communicate with you through the email address you enter here. For example,

  • Outgoing email settings: Replies to support tickets will be sent out from this email. For example, Verify the domain once created to ensure the emails don't end up in the spam folder.

💡 SuperTip:
If you wish to use your email address as the outgoing email address for emails sent from, you can add it under ‘Custom outgoing address’. Adding this will generate appropriate CNAME and TXT records that must be added to your DNS to verify the domain.

  • Response settings: Other information related to support emails like sender name and signature are configured here. Make sure to add the ‘Sender Name’ as this is what requesters would see while receiving an email.


Repeat the above steps for setting up your sales email.


  • Make sure you add links to your latest offerings as part of your email signature.

  • Emails through the support section will only be converted into tickets.

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