Collaborating through notes
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With the “Add notes” feature, you can collaborate with your technicians and help your clients understand the progress of a ticket or a project without piling on their critical communication channels.

  • To add notes, click the "add notes" option located at the bottom of any ticket or project. If adding notes to a project, the technician must be the owner of the project.

  • By marking them as public, these notes will be visible to clients. You can use these notes to keep clients informed whenever they check a ticket or project for an update through the client portal.

  • Checking the "Mark as public" box will make them visible to clients; however, they will not be able to reply to these notes.

📝 Note:

Adding notes will not have any impact on your SLA response time.

  • If you want these notes to remain internal, leave the "Mark as public" box unchecked. This way, you can use these notes for internal team collaboration and communication. Internal notes are appended to the ‘Updates’ section and will NOT be visible to your requesters.

  • If you wish to collaborate with a technician, you can tag them with ‘@’ followed by their name. You can see all the Internal Notes associated with a ticket in the “Notes” section.

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