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Getting started with project management
Getting started with project management
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As an MSP, you're not new to the world of project management. Most PSA-RMM platforms out there don't integrate with your favorite project management tool and it is tough and time consuming to switch between your tickets, tasks, and projects. Well, not anymore!'s project management module offers a simple yet powerful way to manage your client's projects. With our project management module, you will never have to switch tools or search for context to get things done.

Project management in gives you visibility into projects, down to the smallest detail.

Now that's one more tool you can do away with when you start using

In this section you'll learn how to:

  • Use the array of features in's project management module

  • Create new projects for your clients easily

  • Manage your existing projects

Things to know

Before we jump into setting up, here are some cool features about’s Project Management module that you should know:

  •'s project management is collaboration-focused. You can work together with context by tagging technicians in relevant projects/milestones.

  • You can stay informed of every single activity that has happened in the project by navigating to the Updates tab.

  • Typically, you should be breaking down a big project into smaller milestones to ensure your Technicians are not overwhelmed with the enormity of a project.

  • You can visualise the projects and get to bottlenecks faster using our Kanban view.

  • Each project is defined in the following hierarchy: Project→Milestones→Tasks. You can group each project based on milestones, tasks, or technicians.

  • You should add technicians and map technicians groups to the client(s) before you can add them to a project.

  • Technicians can define task templates for repetitive tasks and add them to projects with a single click.

  • You change the status of each Milestone/Task by simply moving them across the Kanban view.

Terms we use


These are landmarks within a big project, that help break down your broad goal into smaller, actionable objectives.


These are small, short-term activities that help you reach your milestones and fulfil your project.

Task Templates:

These are pre-defined templates that make it easy to perform repetitive tasks within the project.


This tab houses all your interactions with clients.

Project Status:

Provides insights into the overall stage of the project.

Now you have all the context you need to glide through the resources in this module to find the solutions you're looking for!

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