Viewing your client list

Learn how you can manage your list of clients and get high-level context at a single glance.

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To view your list of clients, navigate to the client management module by clicking Modules > Clients.

Organizing your client list

Organizing your client list is crucial to ensuring that your client page stays neat and easy to access. This becomes especially useful as you scale and your client list grows over time. There are two ways you can organize your client list in

  • Applying filters, where you use filters to pick and choose the clients you'd like to see

  • Importing clients, which helps you migrate your clients quickly and manage them all in one place.

Applying filters: You can either apply filters by clicking on the ‘Filter’ button or by selecting any of the column names that would display options to sort (ascending and descending) and filter.

📝 Note: Default views such as Active Clients (stage→active), All Clients, My Clients (account manager→technician who is logged in), and Prospects (stage→prospect) are available on the left side pane.

Importing clients: If you have an existing client list that you'd like to bring into, you can get this done in three ways:

  1. Manually creating a new client via New→Client and filling up the needed information.

  2. Importing via accounting tools such as Quickbooks and Xero.

  3. Importing via a .csv file from the Clients module. A sample .csv is provided on the same page to fill in the details. This option comes in especially handy when you have a large number of clients who need to be imported.

📝 Note: You cannot save filtered views in client management.

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