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Getting started with client management
Getting started with client management
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This module is dedicated to helping you get the best out of's client management tool, which brings all your client interactions in one place, adds relevant context to your conversations, and helps you build relationships and long-term profitability.

You'll learn how to:

  • Add clients and communicate with them easily

  • Convert unidentified emails into relevant client conversations

  • Manage the prospect-to-client pipeline to convert more efficiently

Things to know

Before we jump into how to set up, here are some cool features about the client management module that you should know:

  • The unknown emails section stores all the emails that the system doesn't recognize. You can check this inbox for any genuine emails and move them under the corresponding clients.

  • The client list is a repository of all your clients in You can import clients to manage your client database easily, and organize your data using filters and inline editors to keep your client list up to date.

  • The client creation page helps you cover all the important details about your client. Their information is neatly organized under relevant sections, such as client info, site info, configuration, and custom fields.

  • Your client workspace gives you easy access to clients, contracts, and invoices, just a click away in the left panel. You have a bird's eye view of your client's data to help you pick your conversations faster.

  • Inside a client's conversation, you have a list of useful tabs with all the relevant information connected to the client: client info, conversations, contracts, site, requesters, and documents. You can quickly switch between these tabs to make your client interactions more contextual.

Terms We Use


The business that your MSP provides its services to.


Contacts within the client's business who can be recognized by the system when they raise requests.

Primary contact

Contacts within the client's business who can be recognized by the system when they raise requests.

Now you have all the context you need to glide through the resources in this module to find the solutions you're looking for!

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