Any asset-related information such as passwords, vendor, software license, etc., falls under the non-monitored assets category.

It is possible to associate both a monitored and a non-monitored asset to other non-monitored assets helping you maintain necessary details and relationships as a part of IT documentation.

To create non-monitored asset categories,

  1. Navigate to Settings > Asset Class > "+Create".

2. Drag and drop the required basic components to capture relevant information under this asset type. Click Save.

To create Non-Monitored assets

1. Navigate to IT documentation module ( Module > IT Documentation > Choose category )

2. Click Create, fill the necessary fields and hit save!

Ways to manage associations

1. You could choose to associate a monitored with a non-monitored asset by clicking the "Associate other assets" option on the asset detail page.

2. You could also choose to associate to monitored or other non-monitored assets from the IT documentation section. ( Module > IT Documentation > Choose category > Choose asset )


  1. Similar to the monitored Asset details page, the non-monitored details page also gives you an overview of the asset, listing asset specifics. To navigate to a non monitored asset page, head to Module > Assets > IT documentation > Asset (non-monitored).

  2. You can also link other non-monitored assets to a particular non-monitored asset.

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